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With over 25 years in the real estate business, RACE Properties is well versed in the areas of investment properties and property management with a solid belief that relationships are the most important aspect of the business.  RACE Properties never compromises their clients' trust when it comes to their biggest investment.


With a solid team, all areas of real estate are covered, from buying and selling to rehabbing and renting; nothing is left to chance.


RACE Properties' goal is to provide a positive and profitable experience to the investor so that she or he continues to invest.
Our strategy is embedded in our name:


R is for Research. Research the market you're buying in. Understand the neighborhoods and tenant base of the neighborhoods you're looking to buy in.


A is for Analyze.  Know how to use income and expenses to determine a capitalization rate and use the capitalization rate to determine an offer price.


C is for compare.  Now that you've figured out an offer price that will work for you, you must also make sure that the price you're willing to pay is a price that is being paid by others in the marketplace.


E is for exit.  Always have an exit strategy. After all, you're not going to own this property for forever! To exit right you' have to make sure you buy right. Think of the money you put into a property as money you put in a bank. At a bank, when you're done earning interest, you withdraw all of your original deposit. The same holds true with a rental property. You want to buy right so when you're done earning rental income, you can get back the full value of your initial investment.



Let us help you reach your investment goals!



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Rent collection: We will interact with the City, County, rent paying agencies and tenants to ensure rent flows in smoothly. We have a 98% annual collection rate and we charge based on total RENT COLLECTED per month. Note that some management companies charge a fee based on the monthly rent, whether it's collected in full or not. We only earn our fee when rent is actually COLLECTED. Rate: 10% of rents collected


Maintenance fee:  We will process repair requests from tenants, rent paying agencies, City and County agencies.  From these requests, we will create work orders, estimate the cost of proposed work to be done and get your approval to do the work.


NOTE:  if the work is necessary and cost is $200 or less, we will not seek your approval. If work is necessary to protect the safety of the tenant (i.e. No heat, tripping hazards, etc)  or to protect the value of the property (i.e. plumbing leaks, gutters tearing off other roofing materials, etc), work will be done immediately and you will be notified ASAP.  If repairs are caused by tenant, the tenant will be billed for the cost of the repair.


We will confirm the work is completed then pay the maintenance team.  Rate: 10% of work order cost.


Tenant placement fee: When a unit is vacant, we will advertise the unit for rent on Craigslist, on the R.A.C.E. Properties website and on the R.A.C.E. Properties Facebook page. We will also have a list of our available units printed and displayed for easy pick up in our lobby.


When we place a tenant, we GUARANTEE that placement for SIX MONTHS if the unit being rented is an apartment and for ONE YEAR if the unit is a single family home. With this guarantee, we will replace a tenant at NO CHARGE TO YOU!  If they move out in 6 months or less from an apartment or in one year or less from a single family home. Rate: one month's rent.  For example, if rent is $500/mo -  tenant placement fee is $500/mo.


Bill payment fee:  We are happy to pay City and County tax bills for you as well as insurance premiums, utility bills and any other bills related to your property fee: $10 per bill payment.



As an investor outside the USA I need a property manager who I can trust to look after my portfolio whether it be the day to day running or evaluating new potential purchases. RACE Properties have over the years gained that trust and I would be happy to recommend their services.


I had a pretty bad experience with the previous management company & made a loss on my property from day one, I allowed them to continue doing this for 2 years! I was on the brink of cutting my losses & selling at a loss when I discovered that Randi had set up her own management company. I persuaded her to take my property onto her books, it took some doing as she had previous loyalties. I found her loyalty to be an admirable trait but persisted. Since she has taken over the management , my property is turning the profit it always should have done. I have had no problems with Randi & have always found her very helpful & reliable. Above all I trust her completely. . . . Randi turned the situation around immediately, even increasing the rent I received each month. I would not hesitate to recommend RACE Properties to anyone. I think you would be making a very wise decision if you were to use her services.


The best thing I can say about Race Properites is that they tell it how it is, whether you like it or not and I trust them absolutely which is something rare in Real Estate either side of the Atlantic.


Whether you are a buyer, seller or renting a property you will need someone who is trustworthy, experienced, honest and in some cases compassionate.  RACE Properties is the only company who fits this bill and as such I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.


Randi / RACE Properties is the real deal. She / they are upfront and transparent. They have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a great property management company and wholesaling properties. They understand to have great properties, you need to take care of the tenants...good tenants will take care of the that are cared for take care of the investor.


The staff at RACE Properties are honest, up front and a pleasure to work with. They treat tenants with a great deal of respect and they provide exceptional value to their investors and landlords. I will be recommending their services to my family and friends.


We are investors outside the U.S.A. and have had some difficulty dealing with and understanding the property tax system because it is not as staightforward as in our country. Randi took hold of the problems we were having and got us back on track. We have been dealing with RACE Properties for a few years now and would recommend them as a reliable and trustworthy Property Management Company.





If you have any questions concerning a rental unit, want to apply or have property you would like to discuss with us about management, feel free to email us below!

2255 Lyell Ave, Suite 204. Rochester, NY 14606

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Phone: 585-643-5015  |  Fax: 585-643-5014